Foote Control Systems P3S Mastering Edition Compressor


Mastering Rates

Mastering:  $60 per track

Mastering (singles):  $75 per track

Vinyl Mastering:  $10 additional per track

Mastered for iTunes (MFiT):  $5 additional per track

Instrumentals, acapellas, dirty/clean edits, etc:  $20 per track

Short tracks, interludes, intros, outros, etc:

  • Less than 30 seconds = $25 per track*
  • Less than 1 minute = $35 per track*
  • Less than 1.5 minutes = $45 per track*

Tracks 9 minutes and longer:

  • $8 per minute of audio*

*add $20 if you’re submitting as a single

Disc Description Protocol image (DDPi):  $30

Production Master CD:  $60 (includes 1 Reference CD)

Additional Reference CD:  $10 each

Mix critiques are free of charge

Revisions are free of charge

Masters are delivered in WAV format.  Additional formats are available upon request at no charge; MP3, AAC, FLAC, ALAC, etc.

Shipping of Production Master and Reference CD’s within the USA is free.  Additional fees apply for rush shipping, international shipping and shipment to multiple locations.

Rates are the same for both attended and online (unattended) mastering sessions, however there is a 3 track minimum or a 3 track minimum charge for attended sessions.



If you are attending the mastering session you should be prepared to pay by the end of the day.

Online mastering sessions require payment in full prior to the release of your masters.

We accept credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover), PayPal, checks, money orders and cash.